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Hi! I'm Nicky

As your wealth coach, I’ll work with you on your mindset and beliefs as well as the practical stuff so you can earn more money and secure your wealth.

About Me

I’ve always believed that money is incredibly easy to make. The problem is making the right amount, knowing what to do with it and keeping it so it multiplies on its own.  After spending many years as a financial planner, I’ve stepped into a different realm as a wealth coach. Now, I help my clients by breaking through their money mindsets, discovering what’s really holding them back from financial success and then walking them through the steps to achieve their goals. Think of me as a personal trainer for your money. I’ll be right by your side, showing you what to do so you can shift your thinking, take a long term view and finally be that woman who genuinely has it all together when it comes to money. By combining the psychological and the practical aspects of wealth generation and money management, I provide the missing link that will finally give you clarity and control.

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Why Choose Nicky?

We pride ourselves on being a little different to most Wealth Coaches. Here’s why:


Years & Years Of Experience

I’ve been helping people take control of their money for thirty years.


Make The Right Decisions, Fast

Tired of wondering where to even start? Let me help you figure it out.


Master Your Mindset

We all have set beliefs when it comes to money. We’ll work through yours together.


Take Action

With my help, you’ll get all those money-based tasks off your to-do list.


Earn More!

Making money is the easiest thing in the world. I’ll show you how to do it faster.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don’t see how you’ll get results by half-way through our first call, I’ll refund your money.

Are You In Control Of Your Finances?

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Say Goodbye To Financial Stress For Good


Right now, too many women just don’t have enough to show for their hard work. What’s more, they aren’t clear on how to leverage the money they earn to create security and freedom.

My vision is for talented, motivated women to break through the barriers to real wealth and to have a game plan that truly sets them free.

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Meet Nicky & The Team

Nicky Stafford

Nicky Stafford


I chose Wealth Coaching many years ago because I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives so that they can make a difference in the world.

My ‘reason for being’ is to help clients untangle their headspace and their finances so they can make their money work for them every day and live the wealthy life they desire.

My education is: Bachelor of Commerce and I have an advanced diploma of Financial Planning. Also a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I use these to help my clients realise that it’s not just about numbers or paperwork. It is a series of actions that deliver the freedom and security that dreams are made of.

Book your first chat with me to find out more.

Francis Jake Martinez

Francis Jake Martinez

Communication Administration

I am Jake and I am in charge of Communication Administration at Nicky Stafford.

I am a tech-savvy guy who really loves to explore and learn about new programs and how they can be utilised.

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration however, my passion is technology so I have changed my career path to follow my passion.

As part of Nicky Stafford’s business, my primary goal is to set up a productive business automation process to work 24/7.

I believe that the automation process can have a huge impact on all our clients and make their lives simpler and easier with regards to reducing paperwork and time wasted.

When I am off duty, I love hanging out with my wife in some relaxing places.

Ethel Abella

Ethel Abella

Administration Assistant

My name is Ethel, your Administration Assistant on behalf of Nicky Stafford.

I process documents on behalf of clients, making it easier for them to sign and coordinate payments. I work closely in executing day-to-day business processes and making sure all the necessary administrative tasks are done.

Before starting work with Nicky Stafford, I graduated with a degree in General Business Management.

After a career in Sales and Telemarketing, joining Nicky’s team was the right decision. Combining my experience and education turned out to be the perfect recipe for this role.

Outside of work I spend my time exploring nature, making memories with family and friends or immersing myself on books and art.