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What People Are Saying

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Let her guide you because it’s a wonderful experience.

- Wendy Horne


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I came to see Nicky for a three hour Insight Session because I was just feeling really stuck with my money in the business like I wasn’t progressing. And out of the session, I’ve got clear goals of where to go next. I’ve got rid of some lifelong beliefs that just weren’t serving me at all . I’m really excited with the plans we’ve got in place to move forward. I will have a totally new concept of money and financially in place with my business. If you’re wondering whether the Insight Session is right for you, I would say absolutely go for it. You’re investing in moving forward. It’s definitely worth it. Don’t hesitate.

- Kimi Broadbent

Pilates Instructor

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Nicky is there not to tell me what to do, But keep me in the direction I want to go in achieving my goals in my future. The return in investment is HUGE, I will  be able to one day own a McDonald’s restaurant with confidence. I find that the more I’m challenged and the more I do it with Nicky, it’s just like training to run a marathon. You’ve got to keep doing it month after month, week after week to get it right. I’m comfortable with Nicky. It’s a person that I’m comfortable with that she will set me in the right direction. As our monthly coaching sessions are, things changed, and never the same. There’s always a new concern, a new issue or a new technique that I want to learn. Once you find that right coach, Why change?

- Chris Biden

McDonald's General Manager

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Before coaching with Nicky, we’re very silly with money,we didn’t have a long term goal set in place. We were kind of just battling along and paying things off. We didn’t have the advice. We knew what it was, but it’s not like you went out to go and get the information. Until we did get on board with Nicky, we were blind and just making very uneducational decisions that we never thought in five years, two years, however long you are with Nicky that you could make the return you could , that was non existent to us. Working with Nicky will make you more confident in every financial decision you make with the education that you get and the knowledge. And we’re now making decisions to set us out that we would normally make a one off purchase and now we’re thinking how does that affect us in 30 years. We are much more confident because we actually know what we want to get, and every decision that we make is a much more educated decisions. Working with Nicky is an investment in yourself that there’s no dollar fee or honor that you can put in the peace of mind, the confidence for that period of your life. 

- Amie Cowle

Assistant General Manager

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Nicky and I have been working for many years actually. We’ve been working on a lot of things with business coaching especially with a lot on how to coach and teach my people.I get a lot out of Nicky’s sessions and the value is enormous, I would never not have Nicky There. The best thing that I’ve got out is making sure that everything is clear to myself and to my team. I realize that there is a big upfront expense with Nicky but it has given our business five to 10 years improvement on where we were before we started out with Nicky. I would say give her a shot because there are things that Nicky can give you that you would never think and everything’s outside the box.

- Christina Davis

McDonald’s Franchise Owner

What Our Clients Say

Before doing the 9 keys process with Nicky, I would be worried sick. But now I know I’m comfortable. I realise this will be used with other clients. Nicky has made my cashflow so much easier. I have peace of mind like never before. I was moving around and now it’s all easy and hassle free.

Robert Richardson

I so appreciate being able to run things past you before I take steps.

Lyn Taylor

Spending time working with you and unpacking my thinking was key.

Andrea Van Doore

I thoroughly encourage anyone who is actively looking to make a significant change in their life to invest time in meeting Nicky Stafford and her team. It is incredibly satisfying to look back on the last two years and see the bigger picture of the gains and progress in my attitude and behaviours towards achieving my goals. It is also incredibly liberating to know that I have Nicky in my corner and her ‘frank and fearless’ approach is terrific in supporting my achievements. As a wealth coach, Nicky challenges, encourages and celebrates with you. It’s a rewarding combination.

Dr Jennifer Frahm

I was initially uncertain about doing the three-hour session with Nicky due to the cost but I checked with a friend who had done it and she said she had found it very worthwhile. I’m glad I took the plunge because, in three hours, Nicky helped me sort out some unhelpful attitudes to money that have plagued me for years. We also looked at my underlying values, what I really want my money to achieve now and in the future, and how I can get better at making decisions and sticking to them. Nicky then helped me create a list of simple practical actions to start getting my attitude in order — and, in less than a week, I felt clearer, calmer and more organised. I now have a better understanding of what I really care about and what my options actually are. Nicky offers a rare combination of practical expertise and emotional insight that really worked for me.

Corrie, West End

There was a time that I thought that having a comfortable lifestyle was absolutely impossible. Now, 4 years later, I’m not only there, but I’ve exceeded that dream and am onto my next. So, with the help of Nicky Stafford and the team, we’ve actually set that dream in motion, and we’re now heading for the life of my dreams.

Sue Crampton

The reason why we chose to see Nicky Stafford was because we have a plan in our life that we want to achieve, but we have no idea how to go about that, to actually reach our goals. Nicky was fantastic at what I’d like to call it ‘the dumb-it-down scenarios’. So I honestly believe this is a fantastic way to go about, if you want to make a really positive change in your life.

Lynnise Ashford