Yes, it is a no obligation call where we ensure that we can add significant value for you.

We want to make sure we can help you; and if we can’t we will tell you really quickly, and potentially point you in the right direction of somebody who can. If however, what we discussed resonates we then book an Insight Session.

Up to 3 hours depending on how in depth we get.

Yes, you can proceed with this link to see the dates available.

You can proceed with this link to see the dates available.

You can choose to have the session via our office in Brisbane or via  Zoom.

You can reach out to admin@nickystafford.com.au for any questions or concerns.

If after the first hour you don’t think this is a brilliant fit for you, we stop the session and give you a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Financial Planning tells you what you should do, Wealth Coaching connects you to what you truly want to create in your life and what’s getting in your way. Both are brilliant at the right time. After 20 years as a Financial Planner, I could so clearly see how many people set out on a journey without clearly knowing where they wanted to go and then had to unwind a lot of investments to get there later on. By investing a small amount of money and time upfront, when the financial plan happens it’s a lot more targeted as part of your overall wealth, not the total of it.

No! Nicky dropped her Financial Planning qualification in order to pursue Wealth Coaching and no longer advises clients. What we can  do however is organize for one of our connected Financial Advisers to write a plan for you.

First is the Discovery Call, this is to make sure that we can actually help you.

Second, an Insight Session; to clearly define what success looks like in the 3 key areas of Wealth.

Thirdly, introducing you to your Financial Planner or a 3,6,12-month one-on-one coaching session, or both. From there, it’s unlimited.