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Insight Session

Three Hours That Will Change Your Life

“What is really holding you back from making more money and taking true control of your finances?”

It’s surprising how few people stop and take the time to answer this simple question.

During our initial insight session, we’ll dive deep into your thoughts and attitude towards money. Once we have broken things down, you’ll start to understand why things haven’t been working for you.

This session covers mindset and the ‘all in your head’ roadblocks as well as highly practical elements. When it’s finished, you’ll have so much more clarity about how you’re going to achieve the financial success you deserve.

What We'll Cover

The insights session I provide is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. As somebody who had 20 years as a financial planner and also Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I’ll help you get clarity on your wealth creation and finances from a number of different angles.

Take a look at what we’ll cover in three hours:


Your Current Financial Status

You don’t need to share access to your banking app but we can chat about how you’re doing, right now.


Your Wealth Mindset

What is it that’s really holding you back from achieving everything you desire?


Your Vision For The Future

We need to know what it is you want before we can figure out how to get it.


Exciting Plans For What’s Next

You’ll finish the session feeling so clear about what’s been holding you back and excited to implement change.


How To Reset Your Thinking

You’ll learn the secret to fixing the wrong mindset and correcting the wrong approach to money.



If you’re not convinced after the first hour that you’re not getting exceptional value then we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

You Won’t Find This Combination Of Mindset & Wealth Strategies Anywhere Else

Insight Session