Last week, we brought you the happy story of Annabella and her TPD claim. This week, we thought we would tell you Mario’s story.* It is another heart warmer and reminds us why we love what we do.

Mario was referred to his financial planner by a psychologist that he was seeing. Mario had started seeing the psychologist because he kept getting angry at work and getting sacked by his employer. He could not hold down a job.

Mario’s difficulties at work had started after he had undergone brain surgery to remove a tumour. The surgery was successful, but unfortunately, it had left him with permanent impairment. Put simply, this meant he could not handle stressful situations. His usual work involved working in a noisy setting and dealing with difficult people. Mario was finding that he could no longer do this kind of work.

Like Annabelle, because Mario had been working and receiving compulsory superannuation payments, he had TPD cover through his super fund. Mario’s psychologist knew about TPD and so he worked in conjunction with Mario’s financial planner to help Mario make a successful claim on his TPD insurance.

Mario’s claim could not have come at a better time in his life. His partner was pregnant with their first child. She had been providing the main financial support to the family and she and Mario were very worried about how they would survive financially once the baby had arrived. You can imagine how relieved they were to receive a large lump sum payment about seven months into the pregnancy. Their little family now had a level of financial security that they had only been able to dream about.

As we wrote last week, this is exactly what TPD insurance is intended for. TPD insures us in case something happens that prevents us earning an income by working. Many people have TPD insurance that they do not know about, and, sadly, many people experience events such as Mario did when he survived his illness but was left permanently disabled by it. So, if you or someone you know has been affected by illness or injury, please get in touch. It may well be that you, too, can make a claim on an insurance policy you might not even know you have. And that claim can be life-changing.

* Mario’s name has been changed and the image we have used is not of Mario and his baby. Obviously, we want to maintain his privacy.

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